Thursday, March 20, 2008

More new Patterns coming up!

I've gotten the Hilo Star sample crocheted, now I just need to finish the ends and pin it. (Carl sprays the starch for me when I block, I'm allergic to the aerosol.) I need to double check what still needs samples/photos after that.

I think I'm done to just a dozen or so things that need the photos uploaded and only a small portion of that needs the samples remade. All in all, I'm pretty please with the progress I've made.

The next batch of site updates will probably not be very noticeable to you, the user, but will be important, nonetheless. From not using the same web editor for all of the pages, some of the code is clunky. In fact, from using Word for some of the pages when I had no access to an HTML editor, some of the code is really ugly.

The project, once all the pictures are up is to clean up the background stuff, for ease of editing and also so that the spacing and fonts are the same on all the pages. I just noticed the other day on a friend's computer that some of my titles are still in "Rage Italic" which is an awesome font, but not everyone has it.

In fact, I don't have it anymore.

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