Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, it's been crazy

2009 has been a stressful wacky year. I'll be compiling the funniest of the funny and weirdest of the weird for the year in Review over the next couple of days. I've been bookmarking stuff all year and I need to go through find the 10 0r so best stories and make sure that the links are work.

Stay tuned.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Working working.

So I haven't come up with anything good for the website for awhile, but I am getting into the swing of playing with yarn again. I've got a couple pairs of slippers to make for a couple of friends in the military. And I'm working on Christmas stockings for some friends of ours.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I know, I know

I know it sounds like I'm making a ton of excuses all the time, I really am working on stuff for the website. Unfortunately, I'm having a terrible time with coding anything or getting patterns typed up. I do not have a functioning Number One key.

I have a nearly impossible time entering my address for anything online too. I have 3 ones in my house number and 2 more in my zip code. Awhile ago, I bought 2 of something that I didn't need a second one of just to avoid the key that doesn't work.

Anybody know a reliable way to fix a buggy laptop keyboard?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Falling behind

So, I still need to get the dust bunny pattern formatted and posted. I still need to fix a couple of buggy links over at Tilghman Street and I still need to do about a million other things.

This month seems to have been all about having fun, but at the expense of accomplishing anything. My sincere apologies for all of that and I'm gonna try to get back in to the swing of getting something done, now that I'm over my second sinus infection for October.

On the plus side, I have gotten some time to play with my Knifty KNitter, so from a pure yarn perspective, it hasn't been a total loss.

Also, I've been working on a couple of recipes for the Hippy's Recipe Box over at Live Like a Hippy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

E Pluribus Afghan (From many an afghan)

Here's the deal. I really want to start a crochet exchange, I think they're a ton of fun. I used to run one and I badly miss it. Also, I badly want to start a charity that donates afghans to people who need a little reminder that there's kindness in the world, per request (as in, you request one for someone you know who needs it).

So, I'm going to combine the two. Here's the deal, I'm going to start an exchange as soon as I have 3 people other than myself who are interested. We will do 25 granny daughters (1.5") or 2 granny squares (6"), whatever there's interest in - I'm hoping granny daughters, but I'm not picky. You send one package to your assigned partner every month, and I'm going to use mine to make an afghan that will eventually be donated.

Drop me a line if you're interested - either a comment on this post or via email

Here's the full details:

E Pluribus, Afghan – an exchange with a twist

Exchange Information

You will receive 2 welcome packages from me. One via email immediately after you let me know you’re interested which will include a copy of this for your records as well as the exchange questionnaire and a second via “Snail Mail” when I’ve gotten everything I need from the first package.

Why “E Pluribus, Afghan”?

If you’re familiar with Latin, or American coinage, you’ll know that E Pluribus Unum means, essentially, “From Many, One.” Since an exchange afghan is made from square completed by several people, and since I sometimes have an uncontrollable urge to be corny, I decided to go ahead and be punny. “From Many, an afghan.”

How do I start:

1) You’ll receive a brief questionnaire that you will need to fill out and return to me. This provides me with the information I need to properly assign partners.

2) Send in your “Just in Case” package. This is the same thing as a regular exchange package. It is kept on file in the event that you cannot fulfill your obligation due to work, family, etc.

3) When I receive your “Just in Case” package, I will send out your 2nd welcome package. This is also the same as an exchange package, just as a little boost to get you started.

What happens each month?

1) By the first of the month, except December, I will post on the Crochet Pages blog (Age’s Other Pages – a list of the exchange partners for the month.

2) Shortly after that, you will receive a personal, private email with your partner’s full name and mailing address.

3) Mail out your package and comment on the blog post with the partner list (or email myself and your partner) that you have done so.

4) Comment on the blog, again on the post with the partner list (or email myself and your partner) when you receive your package.

5) If I have not heard from you by the 20th of the month to say that you have mailed your package, I will mail your “Just in Case” to your partner and place you on hold until it is replaced.

6) Add your new squares to your project.

If at anytime, you decide you would like 2 partners each month, let me know – I’ll need a second “Just in Case.” Likewise, if you would like to leave the exchange, let me know and I’ll return your “Just in Case” if it has not already been sent out to your partner. If you’d like to skip a month or more without leaving the exchange, let me know – I’ll put you on hold until you tell me otherwise.

What goes in the package?
25 granny daughters/2 granny squares are required for the exchange. If you choose to send more, you may. If you choose to include extra goodies, like stickers or tea bags, you may. Please do not include any food stuffs in your “Just in Case” as it may sit for an extended amount of time.

Granny Daughters must be:

1) 1.5” square

2) sport or worsted weight acrylic yarn

3) finished with all ends woven in

I find I get an inch and half almost without fail with worsted yarn and a size G hook.

Granny Squares must be:

1) 6” square

2) worsted weight acrylic yarn

3) finished with all ends woven in

What if I mailed a package and it didn’t arrive on the other end?

I would ask that you please try to resolve the situation with your partner. Please CC me on any emails that are sent. This way I can make sure that we all have the correct address for everyone and so. Also, I can be aware if there is a particular person consistently not receiving packages – they may need to contact their post office. (I used to like in Apt T8, and didn’t receive quite a bit of mail because people thought it was Apt 18)

The Holiday Hurries.

I realize that practically everyone gets busy during the winter holidays, regardless of which ones you celebrate. In order to ease the pressure, November and December will be run as one really long month. You’ll get your partner at the beginning of November and your package should arrive at the other end by December 25. (I figure that’s an easy enough date to remember.)

What’s the twist?

Here’s the twist, I’ve been wanting to start some sort of a charity that donates afghans to charity. I would like to do it by request, ie. Someone writes me about someone they know who could use a little comfort and we send them an afghan. I wanted to do the afghans from donated squares (not that I would refuse the donation of a finished afghan), so that as many people as possible had a hand in making the afghan.

To that end, I’m going to use the exchange as a launching point for that. Any squares I receive as part of the exchange are going to go into afghans that will be given needy/deserving people or families as I finish them.

If you know someone who could use a hug, drop me a line, let me know why and if there’s an afghan done with appropriate timing, we’ll get it sent to them.

I think that’s everything. Happy Hooking.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little by Little

So, I've gotten a little bit of time to spend on the fixing of the title graphics. I've gotten through a pretty good portion of the site, but there's tons left yet.

On the plus side, it's given me a chance to realize that a lot of the older patterns have terrible pictures. Fuzzy, dim, you name it. The Chocolate Bunny looks like a blob, and some of the others aren't much better. To that end, I'm going to do the best I can to get a new digital camera (for those of you who don't remember, I got a really good, but used Nikon about a year ago - for free - and the battery pack promptly crapped out on me.) in the next couple weeks. I found one that looks like it will handle basic website photos and snap shots really well and it's only like $40.

Little by little, things are falling into place.

Next on the list is to get everything switched over to the new Project Wonderful-friendly layout. That will take some time, but once it's done, it'll look really good. Also, it will bring in a bit of money and hopefully get you all some useful links.

Once that's done, I'll have a pretty good idea of how to layout really sharp-looking, ad-friendly pages for Tilghman Street Studios. Which will make me very happy. I think that there will be things at Tilghman Street that you will like quite a bit.

Honestly, though, even if you don't find anything that you like, the Crochet Pages fans will be benefiting in several ways. I'll be in charge of the advertising, instead of Lycos. No more pop-up ads.

Liam and I will be handling the T-shirts - we'll be using a grassroots print-on-demand style production - which means that they'll be hand screen-printed.

Eventually, we will (hopefully) be handling the book printing also.

In the end, this will lead to a better, friendlier website, and better merchandise with lower shipping costs. And unless I'm way off - this should make everyone happier.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Glitches to be fixed shortly

I've noticed that there are some minor glitches with some of the pages I moved to Tilghman Street Studios. A couple of them are showing the Tilghman Street logo, instead of Crochet Pages. Unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore to fix them before I have to get ready for work today, but I do anticipate them being fixed in the next few days.

I'll post again when it's taken care of.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Moving!!

Crochet Pages is officially in the process of moving. I don't have things set up quite the way I'd like, but I'm happy enough with it to let it go. All of the old links still work for now, but the site is located at Tilghman Street Studios ( now.

Before much longer, I will be starting to pull the files from Tripod and replacing them with redirect scripts so that your old bookmarks will still work. The main site pages (Patterns, Links, etc) will remain up for somewhat longer than the others, but those too, will be changed over to redirect scripts eventually.

I want to make this as painless as possible for everyone, but by the end of September, I'd like to have everything except the main couple of pages stripped down to the redirects, and by the new year, the Homepage will be the only thing left on Tripod.

Also, Crochet Pages now has a brand spanking new email address: Hooray!

This has been a long time coming and I'm really happy about it. I'm such a geek.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tilghman Street Studios

It's official. I have finally registered for a domain name and hosting where I can control the ad content and placement. Age's Crochet Pages will be moving from Tripod and under the umbrella of Tilghman Street Studios.

Tilghman Street Studios is another project of mine and if I can figure out how to get if set up properly, Crochet Pages will be a subdomain of this project. As soon as I have the official URL, I'll be sure to post it.

It may be a bit before you see the pages at the new location, there's a lot about the new host that is completely different from what I'm used to working with. I'll keep you all posted.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So, after what? Like a month of no new anything in the way of crochet, I've finally got started working on something. I've got a good portion of the next "Fishin' Buddies" pattern done, with some pretty solid ideas for at least one more.

I have managed to get a couple of more t-shirt designs done, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I've been seriously considering pulling my shirts from Printfection and hand screen printing them as people order them. It's would be a lot more work on my end, and possibly a pretty big up front investment, but at the same time - the biggest stumbling block that I've hit with Printfection is the fact that I have to purchase one of each shirt to see how the printing works out before I can offer them for sale and at the rate I design shirts sometimes that can get very pricey.

The biggest evidence of this is the fact that after all this time of talking about offering shirts, I have what, one design available. Best laid plans of mice and men, I guess.

I'll keep you posted. But be aware, my wrist is healed enough now that there will be some patterns coming.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Give it a shot.

Well, the wrist is more or less back to normal, although still somewhat achy. I think that I can probably get back into the crocheting and stuff this week, if things continue to heal at this rate. I'm back to about 99% functional with everything else, but I did have some trouble with sewing at work the other day. I'm not sure if it was the sewing, or if it was what I was sewing (a heavy jacket to matboard with a crappy needle and nylon thread).

I think we'll have a test run on Wednesday or Thursday and play it by ear from there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just in case

So, for those of you who aren't a fan on Facebook, which I suspect is most of you, I thought now that my hand is feeling well enough that I can type a bit better, I would post a better update.

About a week and a half ago, I promised myself "Finish the Kitchen (we're repainting) and then the website is a priority. New Shirt Designs, New Patterns, New Etsy Stuff." Then about 3 days after that, I woke up in a good deal of pain.

I figured that I had probably done something stupid in my sleep, like spent half the night sleeping on my arm. Over the course of the day, the pain didn't go away, and in fact flared up enough to make my eyes water a few times. So, I went to the Urgent Care on Cedar Crest Blvd. to find out, "Now what is wrong with my wrist?"

Did I mention that this is my left wrist? And I'm left handed? And I'm a picture framer at the day job?

I was told that I hyper extended my thumb, probably when I was babysitting. That kid plays hard! I left thinking, well now I know, got the splint the doc told me to buy, took some Advil (as recommended) and went about my evening.

Over the course of the weekend, the pain got worse, the swelling got worse, from time to time my hand looked a bit dusky, and I had three episodes of numbness. So I went back to the urgent care. Same diagnosis, but this time a Rx anti-inflammatory (so I can actually start to heal) and I'm stuck in the splint until, at least, my follow-up on Monday instead of for 4-6 days until I start to feel better.

So, since I'm not doing very well using the touchpad (I have a laptop) and I can't hold much of anything, all of my projects are sort of in limbo. My apologies. I guess next time I should have a little less fun playing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy has expired.

So, I'm still waiting on the photo for the pattern I finished. Can't post it till I get the pic. I totally need to get my own camera. I just don't cross paths with Sarah often enough for this to work anymore. She's got a second job and an early morning gym routine. My job has me working more evenings than days lately.

Which means, in addition to sometimes not seeing my husband for days at a time, it also means that more often than not, but the time I get home from work, Sarah's gone to be already too. Which means it's almost impossible to get pictures from her, she doesn't have internet at home and can't upload anything at work.

Totally need to get my camera working.

Also, I need to relist my Etsy items. I forgot that the listings expire - silly crafter!

I really need to get back on top this stuff and stop letting work from getting in my way. You guys deserve better than a half-assed job from me and I deserve to do something that makes me happy. Getting my act together will be good for everybody.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A very full few days

So, it's only Wednesday, and I feel like I've already put in a weeks worth. I finished a pattern for the site, it just needs a photo and to be typed up. I have an afghan pattern a good portion of the way finished.

Sunday, I worked a half day to cover for someone who was sick, then finished the one pattern and big part of the other.

Monday morning, I went to the gym and then I worked a closing shift. At work, I finished up the last 13 pieces in a set of 71 that I had been working on.

Tuesday, I went to the gym with Liam, then worked another closing shift, this time with Liam.

Today, I worked another half day, because I had to leave early because apparently overtime is evil. I bought the stuff I need for a couple of Mother's Day gifts that I'm responsible for and the stuff to make the favors and start the centerpieces for my Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Then I came home and played on the internet for a while. Then I went for a sushi lunch, hit Walmart for some odds and ends and then went to Wegman's for the tea bags for my favors.

Then I called Dave and we went tromping around in the woods at the Mary Immaculate Center, and climbed a tree. Then we went out for dinner.

Now, I'm home, putting my favors together and playing on Facebook.

Tomorrow plans are gym with Liam and then babysit and make a Mother's Day gift with Lyam. (No, that is right, there are 2 Lyam's and they spell their names differently. One is Scottish origin - Lyam, the other is short for William - Liam. Also, one of them is 2 1/2 and I babysit him, the other is a coworker and dear friend of mine.)

Friday - work, then Date night.

Saturday - another closing shift.

I hope you followed all of that, because I'm not sure that I didn't miss something.

Oh, also, I sold a coffee cup sleeve and pair of baby slippers this week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Live Like a Hippy

In order to not bore everyone here with the nitty gritty details of things, I have started a second blog. I know that the point of this blog is to let everyone know what I'm up to when I'm not working on the website, but we've been making efforts toward living a little healthier and maybe a little greener, and I don't want to end up going on and on here about things that many of you probably couldn't care less about.

If you are interested, check out my other blog, Live Like a Hippy: Adventures in Learning to Live Green(er). If anything really funny happens, I'll post here too.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Critical Failure

So, so far, I'm really bad at this whole post a new pattern every month thing. I'm working on getting better at it. Any suggestions from the Peanut Gallery?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So, I'm getting all modernized and stuff.

Guess what!?!?! Me and Crochet Pages are both on Facebook now! Become a fan, send a friend request. In case you never noticed my full name posted at the bottom of the pages, it's Adrienne Congdon. Look me up!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Something Wonderful!

Something wonderful has happened! I have been contacted by a "Warm up America" type charity group in regards to permissions for one of my patterns. They would like to use my Bath Puff pattern to help the homeless. I believe that they will be using the puffs to raise money to buy yarn in order to make somewhat more practical items that is what will actually be donated. (Help me out here, Rhonda, if I go that wrong!)

What an honor! This is why I do this stuff.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok, here's the deal, February turned out to be a pretty crappy month around here. I wasn't slacking so much as I just didn't get to things between fixing the radiators and so on. I also found out that I have a degenerative knee problem and I broke a tooth. In other words, February was Awesome!

I'm hoping I can start to get caught up now and I do want to sincerely apologize for the lack of meeting deadlines and such. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crochet Pages Shop on Etsy Now Open!

So, I finally got my Etsy shop up and running. Now you too can have something handmade by yours truly! Right now it's all coffee coats and cozies, but they're adorable, I promise.

Check it out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

So, it's February.

Wow. The first month of 2009 is gone already - and I've been sick for all of it.

Love Bites will only be available until Valentine's Day so grab it while you can.

Leon in the winner of the Candy Hearts Contest. Get in touch with me so I can get you your prize. I'll post the finished photo soon.

Studio progress has been slow due to not feeling well, however, I will be posting my first Esty items in the next day or so.

I think that's everything for now. Keep warm and happy hooking!

Monday, January 26, 2009

...and the Winner is...

So at this point it seems that Leon is the winner by default. With no other entries, he is automatically the most popular. Anybody have any last minute entries? or should I just call the contest early?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Need Entries.

Only three days left and still no entries for sayings. Here's a pic of the pillow for inspiration.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Audience Participation

So, I need some help. I'm making a candy hearts pillow for a valentine's pattern. What should the sayings be? Email, comment or Twitter, I'll put up a poll with the entries and then use the 4 most popular. Winners will get recognition on Crochet Pages and a goody via snail mail if they're willing to share their contact info.

Submit Entries to: (subject: candy hearts)
@agecrochet on Twitter
or Comment on this post

1) 12 characters or less
2) nothing obscene
3) please don't send contact info via twitter or comment, leave your email and I'll drop you a note if your suggestion is picked.
4) Crochet Pages Staff cannot enter (sorry, Galen), but contributors may, since I will not be deciding the winner, you will.
4) Deadline: January 23, 2009.
5) Once the poll's up, vote often. The poll will be up from January 23, until the end of this month.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crochet Exchange

So, if I was thinking of starting up a Crochet Exchange, would anyone be interested? I'm thinking Granny Daughter's, like 20 per month. Let me know what you think - or Twitter @agecrochet

Saturday, January 10, 2009

With a Little Help from My Friends

So, since the weather sucked today, Sarah and I spent a large part of the day working on my studio. The result is a snow day that managed to actually be a productive day. We moved a ton of stuff into the studio including my computer desk, which is going to allow me to be a lot more productive all around - especially since Black Jack on Pogo is not worth climbing 2 flights of stairs for.

I'm going to need some more shelving and also some more totes and shoeboxes, but it's definitely starting to look like a studio in here. I'm really happy with what we got done today, and I think that tomorrow, I might see if Hubby will help me bring the comfy chair up. Also, I may start setting up my sewing area and get a floor lamp or two up here for when I need extra lighting.

I've been labeling the homes for everything, that way if someone else is helping me up here, it'll be really easy for anybody to put everything exactly where it belongs.

So far, so good, I think. I'm really happy with how things are coming together and I think that the organization, although somewhat pricey is going to be worth it in the long run.

Snow day

Taking advantage of the snow day to work in the studio. The more I get done in the studio, the easier the rest of everything else will be to clean. I hope. That's what I keep telling the husband anyway. Also, it keeps the cat happy, he likes the window seat up there.

Need to get some music up there to keep me moving, also the computer desk and possibly the comfy chair. Will need more totes, more shoeboxes and a bigger trashcan.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Studio Updates

The studio progress reports will be happening in a text box at the bottom of the blog. I hate to bury it down there, but it was the only place the even approached making sense. If you're interested, check it out. If not, you'll never even notice it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Studio: renewed efforts

So, in addition to the weight loss challenge I'm in with my friend Sarah, I've challenged myself to finish the studio. I started with a whole lot of good intentions and once the newness wore off... well, let's just say there hasn't been much progress.

I'm going to start posting what is finished, sort of step by step, to keep myself going. Probably in the sidebar.

Keep me moving - drop me a twitter @agecrochet

2008: A year in review.

Ok, so 2008 sucked. I think that's pretty clear, when even the sportscasters are saying it. For example, most people working retail got fewer hours and therefore smaller paychecks than expected. Lots of people lost their houses, couldn't pay their bills and so on. The economy is a mess, and so on and so on.

But some really good things happened this year. For example, Barack Obama got elected. Tons of people who never voted before (including me) got off their ass and did something about it. As a country, we proved that we are actually capable of caring about something important - like our future.

However, the post isn't for being preachy or for tell you things you already knew. I want to give you a chance to catch up on some news you may have missed. Good news, funny news, things that were way off the radar for the average person, so without further ado:

1) Forget socks, adopt a koala for Christmas

Why is this good? It's a chance to do something good, really good, without leaving your home. The money goes to medical care and habitat preservation for koalas and the best part is, since all the prices are listed in AUD, it costs less than it looks like it will.

2) Fingerprints Can Reveal Drug Use, Medical History

Why is this good? It's not mainstream yet, but it means that just through fingerprinting we could potentially eliminate suspects in crime, or eventually, maybe even use this for custody cases. If a parent is steadfastly denying drug use, this could be used to check the validity of that claim.

3) Jumbo Snow Globes + Sunlight = Consumer Hazard

Why is this good? Honestly, it's not. It's not good at all. But it is really funny.

4) Andean Mummy Hairs Show Hallucinogen Use

Why is this good? Because the drug the man had used was not native to where he was from, it shows that ancient peoples travelled much further overland than was previously thought. It also it more evidence that drug use is not unique to modern cultures.

5) Single-Celled Giant Upends Early Evolution

Why is this good? Anything makes scientists re-evaluate old thinking is a good thing. It's how we learn more. When wacky stuff happens it makes people look at other things from a different perspective, and that's always good.

6) Oldest Marijuana Stash Found

Why is this good? This proves that ancient people raised crops for reasons other than survival. It sheds a lot of light on ancient culture. Like the Andean Drug Mummy, it also shows that drug use is not a new thing.

7) Christmas Lights May Pose Lead Hazard

Why is this good?
This is not good in and of itself, however the fact that the public is being made aware is a very good thing.

8) Homeless get Caviar for Christmas

Why is this good? Seriously? Win-win situation people! Homeless get fed and it's ironic-funny.

9) Candy Canes Fight Germs, Settle Stomachs

Why is this good? My favorite Christmas Candy is actually good for me? This is awesome news! Also, they're making tons of headway into natural and holistic type cures and treatments with this line of research.

10) What are you doing here?: Man asks wife at brothel

Why is this good?
It's not, not really. But it is funny. Plus, how slow a news day does it have to be for this to make INTERNATIONAL news. This happened in POLAND, people!

11) Bags To Go is available on

Why is this good? Because it's a book. By me. For sale. Which means I actually managed to finish my first book and by the deadline I set for myself!!!

12) Um, actually, I think I'm out of stuff.

Hope you enjoy these links, mostly they're from and Reuters Oddly Enough. Also, I hope you realize I have now given away the secret, you all know where I get all the wacky trivia from.