Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A very full few days

So, it's only Wednesday, and I feel like I've already put in a weeks worth. I finished a pattern for the site, it just needs a photo and to be typed up. I have an afghan pattern a good portion of the way finished.

Sunday, I worked a half day to cover for someone who was sick, then finished the one pattern and big part of the other.

Monday morning, I went to the gym and then I worked a closing shift. At work, I finished up the last 13 pieces in a set of 71 that I had been working on.

Tuesday, I went to the gym with Liam, then worked another closing shift, this time with Liam.

Today, I worked another half day, because I had to leave early because apparently overtime is evil. I bought the stuff I need for a couple of Mother's Day gifts that I'm responsible for and the stuff to make the favors and start the centerpieces for my Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Then I came home and played on the internet for a while. Then I went for a sushi lunch, hit Walmart for some odds and ends and then went to Wegman's for the tea bags for my favors.

Then I called Dave and we went tromping around in the woods at the Mary Immaculate Center, and climbed a tree. Then we went out for dinner.

Now, I'm home, putting my favors together and playing on Facebook.

Tomorrow plans are gym with Liam and then babysit and make a Mother's Day gift with Lyam. (No, that is right, there are 2 Lyam's and they spell their names differently. One is Scottish origin - Lyam, the other is short for William - Liam. Also, one of them is 2 1/2 and I babysit him, the other is a coworker and dear friend of mine.)

Friday - work, then Date night.

Saturday - another closing shift.

I hope you followed all of that, because I'm not sure that I didn't miss something.

Oh, also, I sold a coffee cup sleeve and pair of baby slippers this week.