Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio Update (or Slacker!!!!!!!!!)

So, it's become pretty obvious that I work much better when I am actually working in my studio. The dining room table has become synonymous with screwing around on Facebook, while the studio remains a workspace.

That's not to say Facebook isn't great, I've hooked back up with a lot of old friends and I definitely have something to kill time when my insomnia is bad. Unfortunately, it's also been a great way for me to end up with no time left for anything important. Therefore, the official mission will be: more back into the studio, Slacker. Get something done for once.

Also, the cat was much happier when I was working in the studio. Anybody with a cat will understand why a happy cat is a good thing. If you don't own a cat, let me just say this: unhappy cats can be destructive, in all kinds of ways.

Since I brought the laptop back downstairs Crochet Pages has been badly neglected. My other Website, the parent site, Tilghman Street Studios has been completely neglected. Not good if I want to make these the source of my livelihood. Something's gotta give and it's not going to be my lifelong dream on becoming my own boss.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A day late, and a dollar short (2009 - Year in Review)

Ok, I'm a couple of days late, but here's your Year in Review.

1) The Cocker Spaniel is apparently the world's Meanest Dog. I know my mom's cocker spaniel, Armand, was a pain in the ass, but really? According to this study, yes.

2) That girl in Germany who auctioned off her virginity, is apparently a prostitute, or at least according to the government she is. What does this mean? It means her auction earnings are being taxed at 50%. Ouch.

3) Another wacky goings-on in Germany: it seems their patent office was not amused when someone tried to register a patent for a GPS enabled death chip. I don't even no what to say about this one.

4) Everybody loves a hero. Especially when it's a dog. Especially when it's a little dog. Or Three.

5) On the sad side of things, we had our first Twitter related death. Again, I'm not sure what to say about this one.

6) Another technology based wacky thing. A ring-tone that makes your boobs bigger. Granted some of us don't need this or wouldn't want it, but the science potential is huge.

7) I read this story and kept thinking about my grandmother having fits about little garter snakes inside the garden fence. I can't imagine her killing anything with her bare hands.

8) So, there's bacon, bacon salt, bacon chocolate and now Bacon Envelopes. Have we gone too far?

I think we're only gonna do 8 this year because my browser is acting up. I hope I made you think, or at least chuckle a bit. Good luck in 2010.