Saturday, January 10, 2009

With a Little Help from My Friends

So, since the weather sucked today, Sarah and I spent a large part of the day working on my studio. The result is a snow day that managed to actually be a productive day. We moved a ton of stuff into the studio including my computer desk, which is going to allow me to be a lot more productive all around - especially since Black Jack on Pogo is not worth climbing 2 flights of stairs for.

I'm going to need some more shelving and also some more totes and shoeboxes, but it's definitely starting to look like a studio in here. I'm really happy with what we got done today, and I think that tomorrow, I might see if Hubby will help me bring the comfy chair up. Also, I may start setting up my sewing area and get a floor lamp or two up here for when I need extra lighting.

I've been labeling the homes for everything, that way if someone else is helping me up here, it'll be really easy for anybody to put everything exactly where it belongs.

So far, so good, I think. I'm really happy with how things are coming together and I think that the organization, although somewhat pricey is going to be worth it in the long run.

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