Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy has expired.

So, I'm still waiting on the photo for the pattern I finished. Can't post it till I get the pic. I totally need to get my own camera. I just don't cross paths with Sarah often enough for this to work anymore. She's got a second job and an early morning gym routine. My job has me working more evenings than days lately.

Which means, in addition to sometimes not seeing my husband for days at a time, it also means that more often than not, but the time I get home from work, Sarah's gone to be already too. Which means it's almost impossible to get pictures from her, she doesn't have internet at home and can't upload anything at work.

Totally need to get my camera working.

Also, I need to relist my Etsy items. I forgot that the listings expire - silly crafter!

I really need to get back on top this stuff and stop letting work from getting in my way. You guys deserve better than a half-assed job from me and I deserve to do something that makes me happy. Getting my act together will be good for everybody.

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