Monday, March 17, 2008

Lots of updates!

After spending most of my day off not feeling well enough to get my ass off the couch, I actually have accomplished a surprising amount.

Behold! Site Updates!

New Patterns
Daisy Chain Coaster
Stacked Shell Mini-Doily
Sunny Days Doily

New Photos
Oh!Danny Boy Doily
Terry's Peachy Doily
Purple Passion
Rose Trellis Doily
Mini Trellis Doily
Flower Pot Surface Protector
4 Leaf Clover Doily

Also, the crochet work and most of the finishing is done for Greener Pastures. All I have to do in attach the flowers and add the beads, which I will probably do all as one process, it worked pretty well last time I did it.

Hope that's enough to keep everyone busy for a while. Happy Hooking!

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