Saturday, March 8, 2008

100th Post!

Yay! We're in the big time. Believe it or not, it just happens to be coincidence that this is also the post where I announce that the Photo Tutorials have GONE LIVE! on Crochet Pages. Jessy and I spent most of the afternoon working on them and after fighting my way through a minor glitch with getting PeaZip and Tripod to play nice, I've gotten them uploaded.

Incidentally, the only obvious way to get PeaZip and Tripod to play nice it to not use them together. Everything had to be uploaded individually. I'm not sure if it's a glitch in PeaZip, or if it's a change in the way Tripod handles .ZIP uploads, but when I uploaded my .ZIP, Tripod put the whole thing in it's own folder as a subdirectory of my site. Which means, my entire site was mirrored (which is usually good) inside itself (which is not good.)

It used to be, that when you uploaded a .ZIP to Tripod, it overwrote any duplicate files and just added the new ones. Which made huge updates, like what I've been doing the last few days, really easy.

It's been a long time since I did a massive upgrade to the site, therefore a long time since I tried to upload via .ZIP, and of course last time, I had actual WinZip on my computer. So, like I said, I'm not sure where the issue is, but apparently I have to do future updates in the 8 single file batches that I've always tried to avoid for large updates.

On a separate, but slightly related note, I am genuinely feeling better today, which is good. I've been out of work sick, since NOON Tuesday! Thank goodness I have friends who were willing to come over and entertain me, because Carl was also sick. Today he was feeling basically over the bad head cold he had, so I had wanted to let him have some quiet work time.

Basically, Jess in a big part of the reason that Carl got that time, because she helped my bring my work table up to the 3rd floor and we spent the day working on the tutorials samples, photos, pages.

Also, I finally saw The Dark Crystal, which was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but at the same time, I think if I had seen when I was a kid, it would be one of my favorites, because I love the The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock. I think it's just not a movie you can appreciate if you see for the first time as a grown up.

While we were watching The Dark Crystal, and then Clue, Jess and I worked up a couple more new patterns for Crochet Pages (all granny squares this time) and I'll probably be able to get those all posted tomorrow some time.

All in all I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week in spite of feeling like hell most days. My sinus congestion is starting to let up, and my chest congestion is finally breaking up. I may not be sick as long this time, as I was the last time I had walking pneumonia. I certainly don't feel as awful as I remember that was, in spite of having a head cold immediately before and a nasty sinus infection at the same time.

Now, if only the antibiotics didn't leave a nasty taste in my mouth. (Weird side effect)

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