Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's a walking eye!

No, actually, it's even cooler. has the Venture Brothers Season 3 Premiere posted on the website!

Yes, the one that doesn't air until tomorrow.

Check it out.

So, apparently, I got lucky.

So, if you pay any attention to my Twitter, you know that I had gastroenteritis this week. The good news is, apparently I got the 24 hour variety. You know, instead of the 4 day one. Gatorade, Pepto and some sleep and I'm good as new. The down side is, since I went into it already exhausted from my asthma, I'm even more tired now.

In other good news, I will hopefully have my laptop back after the weekend. Which means that sometime tomorrow, I will be making a thank you pie for the guy that did it in his spare time.

Still other good news, I found another artist friend who's willing to take a look at what I need for the Retail Hell game. I love Troy, we've been friends forever, but honestly, he gets overwhelmed by stuff and get flaky about returning phone calls. I'll probably wait till after Dan and Robyn's wedding, if only because of the responsibilities I have for it and then call him and tell him I need to see something, because someone else is really excited about possibly doing this art.

I'm really not trying to screw Troy, it's just that there's a guy who wanted to help me promote this and now he's probably sick and tired of waiting to hear from me. I know I told Troy not to rush, because he's got other commitments that are more important, but you know, a phone call about progress or lack thereof, or I can't do this, or whatever. You know, let me know.

Ah, well.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Missing you

I miss my laptop. I try to pretend that I don't rely on technology more than I have to, but I have to admit, these last 4 days (yes, only 4) without my laptop have SUCKED! I have so much website work to do that I can't until I either get the laptop or a copy of my files back. I'm painfully aware of the fact that the laptop may not be fixable, and I'm ok with that, mostly, but I really need the files for my website. So that I don't have to download all 487 of the from the web. So that I can get working on some of the pattern books I'm trying to put together to put on LuLu. So I can get back to designing sarcastic crochet-related t-shirts. So I can keep researching print on demand services.

So I don't have to wait until Carl leaves so that I can get on the Internet!

Rest assured, however, in the meantime, I am working on new patterns!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our economy in a nutshell.

Last night, on the way back from State College, while putting another $30 worth of gas in my car (the second one for the day) we noticed that the last guy who bought diesel had spent $145.65 to, presumably, fill his tank.

$150 for gas!

There's something very wrong about that, people!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Technical Issues

So, the laptop apparently has a design flaw where the jack for the power cord is soldered directly to the motherboard. It's been going bad (ie coming loose) for quite some time now, but the other day with no warning, it broke completely. As a result, once the battery goes dead, I can no longer use the laptop until we get it fixed. Oh, did I mention, it's out of warranty.

The guy who usually fixes that kind of stuff for us probably won't touch it, apparently it's attached to some very intimate parts of the board circuitry and could destroy the motherboard if not done right.

What this means:

Site updates are on hold for a while. All of the most current versions of the files live on the laptop, including a couple that I didn't get the chance to back up. We do have another computer I can use, but it'll be a while before I can either get the files pulled off the hard drive on the Dell or get them downloaded from Tripod so I can keep working.

Yes, I'm on vacation this week. That doesn't mean there aren't a million things that have been getting put off that I need to handle.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Damn! Ya got me!

Alright, I was finally sucked in. We LOL'd Galen.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Photos Posted

Whee! I've got the photos posted for the following patterns!

Rosy Coaster
Loopy Doily
Ruffled Coaster

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tagline For Crochet Pages

So, I've been considering a tagline for Crochet Pages for a while now, something that will both draw people in and warn them that the patterns are a little quirky (not quirky as in issues, quirky as in not always ordinary).

The one I'm thinking of using is:

"Conquering the world, one doily at a time."

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Star Harbor Nights!

Ok, some of you know that I read Tales of MU obsessively. But you may not know that our beloved author also has a project called Star Harbor Nights. Well, today I came across this via her Twitter. I'm really excited, but since I'm not in a position to help financially right now, I asked for permission to show my support this way!

What you see below is Alexandra Erin's post in it's entirety.

Attention, Harbor Fans!
Filed under: Uncategorized — Alexandra Erin @ 6:42 am

New to the Harborverse? I suggest you check out the archive site at and start reading the whole thing from the beginning.

Want to see new stories set in the Harborverse? Give your donation of $1 or more today. For every $50 in donations I receive, I will post an update… spread out so that there’s two or three in a week, with an exact schedule To Be Announced. The more donations are coming in, the more often I’ll update. Basically, you guys set the schedule with your support.

The first run of new chapters will begin on Monday, June 2nd. Yeah, almost a month away… but I want to give people a chance to build the donation total up a bit, both directly through their own contributions and by spreading the word. If you can get your friends to start reading and get addicted alongside you, then they might kick something in, too.

Alternatively, if you guys surprise the hell out of me and get the donation total up to $1,000 or more before the start of June, I’ll start posting chapters on the next weekday.

Fully Anticipated Questions:

How do I donate?

Look in the sidebar at the right. Currently it’s just Pay Pal. For some reason, my attempts to add an Amazon Honor System paybox aren’t working. I hope to have that option here soon.

I’ll stress this: only donations made through this page will count to the Star Harbor donation total, as I’m tracking this separately from donations on my main site to support the continuation of my writing in general.

What if more than $50 is donated at a time?

Then there’ll be more than one update coming up. Here’s how it works. If there’s currently $121 in donations, and I post a chapter, that leaves $71 and another chapter coming.

What about that $21 left over? Does it get wasted?

No. That’s $21 towards the next update.

You have a lot of other writing projects. How do we know this won’t fall on the back burner after we give our money for updates?

Because I’m asking for money up front, I’m going to treat this as a higher level obligation than my side projects like Void Dogs and 3 Seas. It might take a while to work out the optimal update schedule, but your donation will never be wasted: if there’s $50 in the till and for some reason I can’t get an update up, that $50 isn’t “used up.”

The thing is, people have been clamoring for a return of Star Harbor for a while now. If the readers are willing to put their money where their mouse is, I’m willing to give them what they want.


Some news bits

So, Dan and Robyn stopped by yesterday. Which means that I got their flowers started, and I have internet on my laptop now. Yay! Hopefully this means there will be more frequent updates and new patterns and stuff, as this will allow me to have internet in my work area, rather than only when I can get Carl away from the computer.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dave's Sushi Cake

So, I finally got to having a free enough weekend that we could have Dave's cake. Here are the pictures.

And Dave's reaction.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Not enough Time!

So, by Saturday, late afternoon, I have to have a cake done and the whole downstairs clean. And by Sunday morning at 8am, I have to have a cross-stitch done. Nevermind the laundry so I'm not doing this naked. Needless to say, don't expect any patterns to uploaded in the next few days.