Saturday, May 31, 2008

So, apparently, I got lucky.

So, if you pay any attention to my Twitter, you know that I had gastroenteritis this week. The good news is, apparently I got the 24 hour variety. You know, instead of the 4 day one. Gatorade, Pepto and some sleep and I'm good as new. The down side is, since I went into it already exhausted from my asthma, I'm even more tired now.

In other good news, I will hopefully have my laptop back after the weekend. Which means that sometime tomorrow, I will be making a thank you pie for the guy that did it in his spare time.

Still other good news, I found another artist friend who's willing to take a look at what I need for the Retail Hell game. I love Troy, we've been friends forever, but honestly, he gets overwhelmed by stuff and get flaky about returning phone calls. I'll probably wait till after Dan and Robyn's wedding, if only because of the responsibilities I have for it and then call him and tell him I need to see something, because someone else is really excited about possibly doing this art.

I'm really not trying to screw Troy, it's just that there's a guy who wanted to help me promote this and now he's probably sick and tired of waiting to hear from me. I know I told Troy not to rush, because he's got other commitments that are more important, but you know, a phone call about progress or lack thereof, or I can't do this, or whatever. You know, let me know.

Ah, well.

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