Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Aphids, Batman!

I came home from work just a few minutes ago and saw green crap all over my rose bushes.

My first thought was, "hell, last year the Japanese Beatles ate my rose bushes, this year it will be a fungus. great."

Then I noticed the lady bugs. My rambling rose is covered in hundreds of aphids. If I had to guess, I would say at least 1000, no exaggerating.

I had no idea aphids swarm.

*edit* Apparently aphids swarm to eat. Who knew? *edit*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Patterns! Argh!

So, I've gotten jack accomplished around the house this weekend so far. The pattern for the suncatcher doily was eating my head. I can't believe how broken it was. So, there'll be an edit to that the next time I upload stuff.

Just two more samples to finish, then I'll have all the missing photos taken care of. And, a new square pattern from Jessy coming up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Woo! Tax Refund!

Got my tax refund yesterday! That means we're going for new glasses on Saturday. And Carl might actually get new frames. It does mean that our plans for the weekend are screwed because our appointments are in the middle of the day on Saturday, but better eyesight will be worth it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So I slept late today, and I'm feeling pretty good, like I'm finally caught up. I'm thinking clean up the front yard and maybe if it's nice, do a little in the back. Then I'll probably do some work up in my studio. Set up the laptop and stuff. Maybe take my printer up and set up the nicer one for Carl. (We have a 3 in 1 and I have a printer and a scanner that work together as a 3 in 1.)

Maybe some laundry after that, you know, have a productive day.

The plan is: check my webcomics, drop a line on Twitter, and then get busy. The catch? Twitter isn't working today. At first I assumed it was just glitchy because it was a little funny yesterday, but today I can't get my tweets to go through at all.

So I'm thinking it's probably a Firefox issue. Lots of stuff is only barely Firefox compatible. Which sucks, cause it's an awesome browser.

So I go to the help discussion cause I'm thinking maybe they did an update and it has a bug that makes it not work with Firefox. I'm not sure if what I found is encouraging or not. Apparently since some time yesterday, Twitter is either completely broken for the time being or it just isn't working for something like 10 different OS/browser configurations.

I'm bummed. I love Twitter.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bug Fix!

Woo! Finally got the fixed links uploaded. Took longer than I had hoped, I should have been in bed by now, I work at 5am. Ah, well. One thing to note though, because I've put so much time into fixing the buggy links, I don't have the photo pulled down from my camera for the Chrysanthemum Coaster yet. That's for tomorrow.

Hope everybody likes the redesign as much as Sarah does.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Redesign goes Live!

So, after lots of work, more time than I anticipated and a couple of headaches the redesigned site is finished. I think that it's a huge improvement over the old site design and I hope everyone will like it. I brought the announcements higher up on the page, fixed the nav bar so that it not a font no one has anymore, added some pics, added lots of info and just generally cleaned and organized the page layouts.

Also, along with the new design, there's a new photo and couple of new patterns!

**edit** there's also a huge problem with the footer links right now. As noted in my Twitter, I do have all the code fixed now, but it's not uploaded yet. I'm really tired and it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Everything like the patterns and stuff should be fine. Unfortunately the some of the footer links are anchored to the place where the files live on my computer, so they don't work on the web right now. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. **edit**

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Redesign launch might be delayed

I was hoping to go live with the new site design by the end of this weekend, but I'm not sure anymore. I left work early yesterday with a raging migraine and I've slept through 14 of the last 24 hours. That combined with having to go to the vet to get more cat food has caused me to lose about 7 hours of productive time already and most of the rest of the week has to go to straightening up, because everyone is meeting here to go to the Crazy Cones Grand Opening.

And we have to meet here, nobody else lives close enough except Sarah, who lives in a locked building. Unfortunately, since one or the other of us has been sick, since about mid-February, the house is trashed from not being able to keep up.

Also, poo on Wawa for not being able to make the chicken consistently. A salad that I've eaten before with no ill effect is what caused my migraine yesterday.