Thursday, April 10, 2008


So I slept late today, and I'm feeling pretty good, like I'm finally caught up. I'm thinking clean up the front yard and maybe if it's nice, do a little in the back. Then I'll probably do some work up in my studio. Set up the laptop and stuff. Maybe take my printer up and set up the nicer one for Carl. (We have a 3 in 1 and I have a printer and a scanner that work together as a 3 in 1.)

Maybe some laundry after that, you know, have a productive day.

The plan is: check my webcomics, drop a line on Twitter, and then get busy. The catch? Twitter isn't working today. At first I assumed it was just glitchy because it was a little funny yesterday, but today I can't get my tweets to go through at all.

So I'm thinking it's probably a Firefox issue. Lots of stuff is only barely Firefox compatible. Which sucks, cause it's an awesome browser.

So I go to the help discussion cause I'm thinking maybe they did an update and it has a bug that makes it not work with Firefox. I'm not sure if what I found is encouraging or not. Apparently since some time yesterday, Twitter is either completely broken for the time being or it just isn't working for something like 10 different OS/browser configurations.

I'm bummed. I love Twitter.

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