Sunday, April 6, 2008

Redesign goes Live!

So, after lots of work, more time than I anticipated and a couple of headaches the redesigned site is finished. I think that it's a huge improvement over the old site design and I hope everyone will like it. I brought the announcements higher up on the page, fixed the nav bar so that it not a font no one has anymore, added some pics, added lots of info and just generally cleaned and organized the page layouts.

Also, along with the new design, there's a new photo and couple of new patterns!

**edit** there's also a huge problem with the footer links right now. As noted in my Twitter, I do have all the code fixed now, but it's not uploaded yet. I'm really tired and it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Everything like the patterns and stuff should be fine. Unfortunately the some of the footer links are anchored to the place where the files live on my computer, so they don't work on the web right now. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. **edit**


Sarah said...

I'm liking the redesign. Nice, eye-friendly layout, easy to find all the links, photo of evil-looking cat . . . what more does a website need!? ;-)

Age said...

he's not evil, he doesn't like that camera, I EXPLAINED THAT! ;-)

Sarah said...

Yes, I know, I did read that. :-) He still LOOKS evil though. Then again, he's slightly evil. He always heads right for me, the person with allergies, whenever I'm over. :-p Evil, sadistic, whatever you want to call it.

Age said...

um, normal cat behavior?