Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Redesign launch might be delayed

I was hoping to go live with the new site design by the end of this weekend, but I'm not sure anymore. I left work early yesterday with a raging migraine and I've slept through 14 of the last 24 hours. That combined with having to go to the vet to get more cat food has caused me to lose about 7 hours of productive time already and most of the rest of the week has to go to straightening up, because everyone is meeting here to go to the Crazy Cones Grand Opening.

And we have to meet here, nobody else lives close enough except Sarah, who lives in a locked building. Unfortunately, since one or the other of us has been sick, since about mid-February, the house is trashed from not being able to keep up.

Also, poo on Wawa for not being able to make the chicken consistently. A salad that I've eaten before with no ill effect is what caused my migraine yesterday.

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Sarah said...

Hope you're feeling better, chickie!