Monday, August 4, 2008

With a little luck.

Hopefully, *crosses fingers* my files will be pulled from the Dell one day this week and I can actually get started on posted some patterns. Maybe I can even make that new patterns every month thing a reality!

I do have a few patterns waiting to be posted, but the downside of the site looking really good is that I can't really post anything without access to my templates. I know that sound like a huge cop-out, but there's a lot of code for that link bar and that sidebar, and unfortunately, grabbing the code from Tripod isn't that easy, either, because they embed a lot of crap into the site for their banner ads and stuff.

I feel bad about all of this, because there was a time when I would have hand-coded everything and all that code would still be living in the bad of my mind. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to Dreamweaver and the incredibly cool split-screen feature it has.

I know, I'm a nerd, but here's the thing. In Dreamweaver, with the split screen pulled up, as you type code, it displays the finished result. No such feature in FrontPage. I can switch between HTML-view and WYSIWYG editor, but you don't get that immediate correlation. You have to find what your code did.

It's really easy to find yourself giving up on hand-coding altogether in favor of the WYSISYG when it's a pain in the ass to see the effect of your code. Also, I've slacked really badly about keeping current with the HTML standard. I badly need a new book.

At any rate, hopefully, I'll have my files back this week. It would be great, because it will be something I can do. You know, keep me occupied while I have no car.

By the way, if you haven't heard, I think we've had it with the Corsica. It was never a pretty car and I never cared because it got me from Point A to Point B. After having it towed FOUR TIMES this year, I think it's safe to say I can no longer count on it getting me from A to B.

Like I've posted in a few other places, anybody know someone selling a reliable car for cheap?

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