Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Custom Request: Roast Turkey!

A friend's husband has a birthday coming up and he asked for a Nook EReader as his gift.  So he needs a case.  

She and I talked a bit about his interests and things and I told her I would think on it and come back to her with ideas.  When I saw her next I suggested a Scooby Doo-esque giant hamburger with the opening under the top of the bun.

She said "Perfect!  Next to turkey, grilled hamburgers is his favorite meal."

And another friend said "Why not make the turkey then?"

The response comes:  *gasp*  "Could you?"

"Of course I can."


I delivered this Sunday, and everyone who saw it loved it.  His birthday is July 17, so I'll hear his reaction next week.  If she manages to keep the secret until then.  ;-)


The turkey has been delivered and it was a HUGE HIT!!!!!

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