Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nook/Kindle Covers

For those of you who don't know, I recently got a Kindle Fire. And I love it! But I needed a case for it. So of course I made one. And of course, then my mom wanted one for her nook. Then a coworker-friend wanted one. And it seems I may have stumbled on to the flagship line for the Etsy store I'm getting ready to open.

So it all started with the relatively simple blue monster case I made for myself.

Then my mom wanted one, and I couldn't very well make an identical one. Where's ther creativity in that?

Then my coworkers saw the pictures and one that I'm close with said "I want one, but a Zombie and I'm going to pay you for it because it wouldn't be right to not pay for a custom piece!"

And I thought 'how am I going to design a zombie, where the opening placement is both hilarious and adorable?' and after a few minutes consideration, I had it! HEAD WOUND! So with this stroke of genius in hand, (um, mind maybe?) I bought some mossy green yarn and got down to business.

I deliver this one today, but she's already seen pictures and is completely in love with it!

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