Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dalmation Photo Journal.

So I decided to make my dad a dalmation for his birthday. And I decided to make a photo journal of my progress, so everyone can get an idea of how my doll-making process works. Also, to keep me on track for my deadline. Which was today.

Day 1.

Just a couple of legs, but a good start.

Day 2.

Starting on the body.

Day 3.

I've got the body finished, and arms attached. Just starting the head. One of the reasons this is going so quickly is that I'm using 2 strands of worsted worked together.

Day 4.

No measurable crochet progress, but I did buy his hat.

Day 5.

Body is finished and stuffed, just barely got a start on the detail work.

Day 6.

Great start of the detail work. Ears, tail and a few spots.

Day 7.

Trying out his hat. No eyes yet, I bought them but then I realized I don't have access to a glue gun.

Day 8.

Hanging out in my locker. I borrowed Darlene's glue gun to put the eyes on.


Packed in his gift bag and ready to go.

Everybody got a kick out of him, particularly the Fire Truck bag. Hope this gives a least a little bit of insight to you all.


Sarah said...

Too cute!

Patty Berry said...

So cute Adrienne!