Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Minor Edit and an extra chance to vote!

I just finished making a very minor edit to the Granny Square Drawstring Bag pattern.  I linked the granny square reference to the granny square pattern page.  Like I said, nothing big.

Now, the chance to vote.  The US Presidential Election is over, with results that I'm quite happy with, actually, but you're not reading this to find out my political views.  You're here for crochet stuff.

How about this.  I'm working on a booklet of bag patterns.  I'm planning on having about 12 patterns in the book, but to help encourage people to check it out, I want to preview a couple patterns on the website.  I'm including the Granny Square Drawstring Bag pattern, mentioned above, that's already been posted on the site for a few years now.

But, I'm not sure what I want to use as the other "preview" pattern.  So, I'm gonna let it up to you.  Hopefully, I get some feedback.  I'm probably going to let the voting open until December, so you have about a month.

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