Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lots of stuff happening!

I think I'll do this update point by point in order to make it easier to read. Those of you who only read from the feed on Crochet Pages, I apologize in advance that you'll be missing most of the info, unless you click through to the blog.

1) I've finally got the photo posted for the Mini Teddy Bear. I hope the shot properly shows it's scale.

2) I got the Envelope Clutch pattern posted. This was the winning pattern for the preview of my book.

3) With Ren Faire season now over, I'm hoping I might be able to wrangle a couple of new patterns from Jessy, but no promises.

4) The book is well under way at this point. The layout is falling together pretty well and I only need 2 more patterns before I'm willing to call it finished. I apologize if anyone was hoping to get it in their hands before Christmas, it's not likely to happen at this point.

5) I do not intend to take a Christmas break from the website at this point. For a few reasons:
a) I just got started on this regular monthly update thing, if I don't keep going, I don't know what might happen.
b) I honestly don't see any reason why I'd need to at this point. My boss isn't let me make any headway in my frameshop, so I doubt I'll get pulled to help others.
c) I need to start getting ready for the move to a new host. My Tripod account has served me well for roughly 10 years now, but I am quickly running out of space. Regular updates are going to make that happen sooner. I'm nearly 3/4 of the way to capacity.
d) I still haven't built the web-home I promised for Because We Care. I feel really bad about that, I really need to get in touch with Anita about it.

I think that covers everything. Any questions, let me know.

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