Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Journal: Addisyn's Birthday Doll

So, Michael and his painting and all has got me all inspired and motivated, and I needed a gift for my cousin's little girl Addisyn's 1st Birthday.  So, perfect timing, right?

Apparently, it's even better for me than I thought to spend time with fellow artists!

DAY 1:

A good start on the first wing.

DAY 2, 3:

Realized the original wing layout was not going to work and frogged quite a bit of work and redid it for a much better result.

DAY 4:

Feet and legs are done, including cuffs on pants which will match shirt!

DAY 5:

Body is finished, including sleeve and hem ruffles on shirt.  Heart design on shirt is simple colorwork rather than embroidery.

DAY 6:

All crochet work is done, most ends are finished, wings attached.  Note shoulder straps.  She is not a pixie or a fairy, but a little girl wearing butterfly wings.

DAY 7:

Finished doll.  Light hair and blue eyes like the recipient!  

All in all, it was great to be making a doll again, so thank you to Michael for the motivation and Jeremy and Sue for the occasion!

And, BONUS!  She was a huge hit!

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